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Professional and reliable diamond, test core & percussion drilling, diamond sawing, controlled demolition services and more. Serving clients in Portrush and throughout County Antrim.

For the most precise method of boring and creating holes and openings into any type of material, Encore Drilling can offer a diamond drilling service that will produce a tidy and professional result.

With diamond drilling it is possible to core/drill almost any material to any depth horizontally, vertically or at any angle as required.

Holes can be drilled to any depth with the aid of extension bars added to the drill bit to continue coring to the required depth.

With diamond drilling there is no hammer action involved so no vibration, eliminating any damage to the structure of the building.

The drilling can be carried out by:

*Hand Held Drill- 8mm up to 178mm, either dry drilled or with water to eliminate the nuisance of dust
*Rig Mounted Electric Drill - 40mm up to 400mm
*Rig Mounted Hydraulic Drill - 400mm up to 800mm
*Magnetic Drill - 10mm up to 100mm
*Magnetic Drilling; used for drilling through steel beams or columns

Diamond drilling is the most effective way of delivering an expert finish to any tough job including:

*Pipes, cables and ductwork for air conditioning installation
*Safe for drilling work in occupied buildings and construction sites due to *vibration elimination
*Horizontal, vertical or holes drilled at any angle
*Drilling work in confined spaces
*Reinforced concrete, brick, blockwork or stone drilling

Encore Drilling always aim to provide a friendly and professional approach towards any task we are required to assist with. We offer a full drilling service including:

*Concrete cutting and drilling
*Diamond core drilling
*Stitch drilling
*Test core drilling
*Site exploration drilling
*Resin bonding / chemical anchor bolt fixing
*New / refurbishment work undertaken
*Erection / fitting of street furniture
*Controlled demolition
*Water feature holes
*Drilling / fitting handrails/safety barriers
*Wall and floor tracking /sawing

For core drilling NI, Encore are confident that we will deliver an efficient, fast and precise drilling service which offers our clients the best value for money. Call us today on 07766 077 133.